The Camera Branch is delighted to support Women Behind The Camera, a showcase for the many women working behind the camera in the UK film and TV industry. Please have read & check out the website:

We want to let you know about an exciting new website that we’ve created, called ‘WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA’


This has been put together with the intention of highlighting the vast number of women working at every level of the camera department in the UK Film & TV Industry. At one time a very male domain, camera departments can now be truly diverse in terms of gender – some studios are now demanding this equality in crews. We are hoping that as a database, this website will help Directors of Photography, Producers & Directors to put together camera crews that are genuinely 50 / 50 male/female…..not just the token woman as trainee or central loader!

‘WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA’ has been created by three women who are camera operators – still an area where women are very under represented. Lucy Bristow, Ilana Garrard and Agnieszka Szeliga are hoping that by making this female talent more visible, it will encourage and inspire more 1st and 2nd A/Cs to choose camera operating as a career.

In time we hope that this website will become a networking site, a way to pass on work and to publicise events, a research resource ……and more! ‘WBTC’ is not intended as a diary service or agency – if you’re thinking of hiring crew from the website, please contact the individual directly to obtain a recent CV, or look at the IMDB link to assess their level of experience in the film industry.

The list of crew isn’t complete – we are still gathering names each month. We would be really grateful for any help that you can give us to spread the word about ‘WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA’.