Want to stop rates being eroded or improve terms & conditions? Worried about safety on set, or the exploitation of new entrants to the industry? Want to have a vocational qualification that means something in the age of digital production?

The Camera Branch is as strong as its members make it – it’s possible to make a real difference if you’re willing to pitch in:

  • If you haven’t already, join BECTU here.
  • Still studying? BECTU have a student register.
  • Follow the branch on Twitter and Instagram & give us a re-tweet or a re-gram every now & then. Also share links to the website on social media – bringing new people to the website helps to spread the word about what we’re up to.
  • Help keep Rate Cards up-to-date by filling in the Rates Survey whenever you start a new job.
  • Keep an eye on the Diary & come to the next Branch event – especially the General Meetings, which are your chance to influence what direction the Branch takes.
  • Take a look at our ‘Eyes Half Shut’ page for ways to get involved in the campaign against long hours in the film & TV industry.
  • Consider attending one of BECTU’s Freelance Organiser Training Days which explain how the union works & what can be done to make a branch more effective. These take place at BECTU’s London office but the union can usually help with travel costs.
  • Some BECTU Committees of interest (LINKS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE): Women’s Equality Committee, Black Members’ Committee, LGBT+ Committee.
  • Our committee can always use help running the Branch – the more the merrier. Speak to a committee member, it’s not as scary or time-consuming as you might think (honest 😉).
  • Any news, blog posts, or photos for the website gratefully received…
  • While we’re talking about the website, please link to it often on social media. More traffic = more engagement.
  • Lastly – stand up for your union! Everyone likes a good grumble but if you hear the old ‘BECTU does nothing for us’ moan from your colleagues, send them to this website to see what we’re up to – and tell them, if they’re not happy – get stuck in!


You can contact the Camera Branch by email on or by using the form below: