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BECTU’s Submission to the Treasury – 30th March 2020

BECTU made a submission to the Treasury on Monday 30th March to make clear the ways in which Film & TV freelancers are falling through the cracks of the government’s coronavirus-related support schemes, and to suggest changes that would help.

Please note – also from BECTU: “since this letter our ‘ask’ on PAYEs has definitely developed a lot, and we’re into a lot more detail about how we help the Treasury solve the problem (the Treasury actually want to give workers the money, we think. They just can’t think of a fair/un-fraudulent way of doing so and we’re giving them all of our ideas on this….”

You can read the submission here.

ONLINE Camera Branch General Meeting


The rate card meeting will still take place on the first of April, but it will be online using the Zoom system. We have pulled it forward – 1:45pm to join, starting at 2pm.

We will discuss new drafts of the rates cards. There will also be a Q&A with BECTU’s research officer on options for support during the lock down.

This one is members only and registration is required as the system only allows 100 attendees. Please submit your questions in advance and we will endeavour to get the answers for you, and then follow up with more discussion.


We’re very aware that members will have lost significant amounts of work over the last week or so due to the Coronavirus situation, and want to know what the union is doing on their behalf. We’re sharing this update from Paul Evans, the BECTU official who looks after the London Production Division, of which Camera Branch is the biggest branch:

“We’re lobbying on a number of fronts:

1) To make sure that people who aren’t on PAYE can access the same package that people who are on PAYE are able to get (so this means calling for people to be able to treat what they have drawn down either as salary or dividends from their Personal Service Company as an indication of the income that they have received.

2) To also put the question of kit-hire on the agenda – the argument that people who are freelancers are not only losing *income* – they’re also losing revenue of capital items that they would expect to resell to employers (i.e. kit, vehicles, software, insurances as well as other standing expenditure that they can’t just suspend during this crisis.

3) The ‘(re)entry level’ problem – for plenty of reasons, members may not have earned money last year (they are entering the industry / were taking career breaks as a result of childcare or illness etc

Every day, the focus of our campaigning is changing, but we have a professional team that includes a Parliamentary Officer with good connections among MPs of all parties, a press team and a good research team. We’re also providing regular update via the website and twitter – you may have seen today’s news story?”

In addition branch reps are pushing hard to make sure BECTU also demands help for those members who organise their work lives as freelancers but are taxed as PAYE employees. Lots of PAYE crew had quiet winters & weren’t working on 1st March, and  had good expectations of work starting soon which has now gone away. Some of these crew members will be amongst the lowest-paid grades. We don’t think it’s fair that they should miss out on any help the self-employed might get, and they must not be allowed to fall through the cracks.

Our Coronavirus Advice page is regularly updated and we’re also putting out news though the branch Twitter & Instagram pages – if you use those platforms please help by re-tweeting & sharing to your Stories.

We’re also urging you to write to your MP asking for a better deal for freelancers – use this link, it’s super-easy & takes 3 minutes:

Thanks for reading – stay safe & keep in touch. Your committee & officials are here to help.




  1. WRITE TO YOUR MP (if the MP responds please forward the reply to  )
  2. Sign the IPSE & Creative Federation Industries petition
  3. Keep checking the BECTU website


There’s also a Camera Branch update about what BECTU is doing here.


Bectu officials will be available to speak with you throughout this difficult period, so if you have any questions get in touch – phone 020 7346 0900 or email

Meeting & Social, Old Street.

Our next Meeting and Social is in Old Street on the 15th of February. It’s a new member special, but there will be information of interest to all.

We’ll put out a buffet at 1pm and members get a free drink also. Non-members can attend. There will be a discount for those joining on the day.

The venue is The Angel Pub, which is located at 73 City Road, EC1Y 1BD (Old Street tube).

You can download an agenda in advance, though printed copies will be available.

See you there!



BECTU has just announced another round of meetings about the IR35 tax changes that will come into effect in April.

These meetings are strictly members-only, but it’s possible to join on the door.

There’s a note on BECTU’s position on IR35 here and for members only, the Tax For Freelancers guide is here (log-in required).

  • 17th Feb – The Goat Pub near Shepperton Studios: 6-8pm
    47 Upper Halliford Road, Shepperton TW17 8RX
    Parking available outside the pub – members will need to register their car on a tablet inside the pub for free parking
  • 19th Feb – 01 Zero One Soho: 7-9pm
    Hopkins Street, London W1F 0HS
    Limited parking in general Soho area. Advisable to take public transport if possible.
  • 9th March – Pinewood Studios in the Large Boardroom: 7-9pm
    Pinewood Road, Iver Heath SL0 0NH
    Parking available on site & photo I.D needed
  • 11th March – The Goat Pub near Shepperton Studios: 7-9pm
    47 Upper Halliford Road, Shepperton TW17 8RX
    Parking available outside the pub – members will need to register their car on a tablet inside the pub for free parking
  • 17th March – Leavesden Studios in the Screening Theatre: 6-8pm
    Warner Drive, Leavesden WD25 7LP
    Parking available on site & photo I.D needed
  • 19th March – Leavesden Studios in the Screening Theatre: 7-9pm
    Warner Drive, Leavesden WD25 7LP
    Parking available on site & photo I.D needed

General info:

– These meetings are strictly open to members only. If anyone wishes to join the union and attend, they can join by filling in an application form on the door, or call BECTU in advance of the meeting and bring proof of membership with them.
– 6pm-8pm slots are to accommodate construction crew working hours as much as possible.
– 7pm-9pm slots are to accommodate shooting crew hours as much as possible.
– To access Pinewood and Leavesden Studios you will need to have photo I.D and register at reception – allow some extra time for this.
– There is no pre-registration for these meetings – you just need to turn up and join us.
– Workers who live in the regions are welcome to join if you happen to be working in London at the time of the meetings.
– No further regional meetings have been scheduled at the time of writing.