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The Pact/BECTU TV Drama Agreement has been broadly welcomed by crew, and while it’s not perfect, it has led to significant improvements over the ‘take it or leave it’ conditions of the past.

However it’s a wordy document – not exactly a gripping read – and as a result some crew still aren’t aware of exactly where they stand on certain issues. The Branch gets lots of inquiries relating to differing interpretations of the Agreement, so we’ve produced this ‘plain English’ guide to help members with the most important terms. It’s designed as a smartphone-sized pdf file to cut out & keep download to your phone for easy reference on set – you can find it here: TVDA GUIDE – PHONE.

We recommend saving it to your phone (for iPhone users, ‘Books’ is the best option) so you can refer to it on location even when there’s no signal. If you’re viewing it on a laptop browser it’ll appear to have huge print, so there’s also an A4 ‘leaflet’ version here: TVDA GUIDE A4

If there’s anything you think is missing, or if you still have queries about the agreement – please let us know: The agreement is also due for review, so we want to hear from anyone who’s had problems arising from it, or who has changes they want to suggest. It’s your chance to directly influence negotiations with Pact.