TV Drama: Prep & Wrap Clarification

LRG_DSC05858 2

The Branch notes the following statement from Pact & BECTU which has been issued as a clarification regarding Prep & Wrap time on TV Drama productions taking place under the TV Drama Agreement:

“The crew member’s daily rate is deemed to include, where required, and in addition to the shoot hours worked, a specified amount of time for prep and wrap as set out in the deal memo and as is customary to that department and in accordance with current working practices. Any time worked beyond this specified prep/wrap period will be remunerated as per the agreement and at the appropriate overtime rate.”

Members are encouraged to note that this Prep & Wrap time is now included in your daily rate, therefore you should ensure you negotiate your rate accordingly. 

Also note the use of the word ‘customary’ – meaning you are expected to do the same amount of prep & wrap that you have done in the past. Be aware that some productions are now asking for up to 90 minutes a day in prep & wrap, and the Branch would strongly encourage members to resist this – we expect no more than 15 minutes for camera assistants. Neither the Agreement not the clarification statement specify the amount of time expected to be included as prep & wrap, and members should only agree to an amount of time they are happy to consider as ‘customary’. Also, prep & wrap time cannot be used for shooting or for any work that is additional to what we have normally done in the past (i.e. pre-calls, extended wrap from difficult locations, etc. are not included & should be charged as overtime).

The Branch is currently consulting on a Policy Document to define what members are comfortable considering as ‘customary’ prep & wrap for each grade, which will be published as a matter of urgency.